2015  - dieciséis  Ganadores de ensayos estudiantiles

El final se acerca a otro año exitoso de presentaciones en el Distrito Escolar del Sur de habla inglesa.  PRUDE Inc. reconoció a nuestros ganadores de ensayos para el año escolar actual.   Esto se hizo  durante las ceremonias de premiación y reuniones de estudiantes y profesores. Los jóvenes recibieron certificados y un cheque por sus inscripciones.  en nuestro Concurso de ensayos.  Se le dio un reconocimiento especial a un estudiante que escribió una carta personal que fue más allá de la retroalimentación requerida.  Se están desarrollando oportunidades para que nuestros jóvenes ayuden a comprender mejor los muchos factores que dan forma a cada individuo único.

-Sheri McAulay

I Make a Difference - Cathy Pham

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"Have you ever been in a circumstance where you're being "plucked" out of a place where you belong, where you heart and soul are connected to, and being forced to move to another?

If you don't, you're lucky than many others.

You would feel overwhelming by the new environment. You would be terrified from thinking what others would judge you, from your clothing to your thinking. You would be scared of speaking, worrying if your English (or any other languages) and accent is good enough for people to understand you."

I Make a Difference - Isabella Mengual

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"When you meet someone new, what do you notice first? Do you note the way they look, act or dress? We make assumptions, discriminate and stereotype every day without noticing we are doing it. We automatically make there assumptions with seeing only a small percentage of a person. It's simply part of being human. But sometimes, our minds can run wild and our thought can become dangerous weapons. So why do we do it, how does this affect people and what can we do?

There are 7 continents in the world, around 195 countries and an estimated 7,432,663,275 people. These statistics prove that our world is very diverse. No two people are alike and everyone should be accepted for their differences. However, stereotyping and discrimination still occur more often than you would think. The source of these actions are from none other than the people you know most. Parents, friends, teachers and community have a big influence on our opinions of others."

I Make a Difference - Mariah Leslie

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Special recognition was given to a student that wrote a personal letter which was above and beyond the feedback required.

1. Do you feel that having a person from another country share their life experience valuable? What impact did this presentation have on you?

Yes! It made me realize that we should appreciate everything we have because lots of people have it worse.

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